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Honey a royal natural product

The history of honey as source of energy and sweetener is almost as old as humanity. The bees product was highly valued as divine nectar in Ancient Egypt, Babylon, India and China. Today, as back then, honey has always stood for pure indulgence, natural pleasure and not least pure energy. No surprise when considering its ingredients: it provides us with carbohydrates in the forms of fructose and glucose, with vitamins and vital minerals.




Dried fruit – natural enjoyment

Apples, apricots, figs, plums or sultanas: Nectaflor dried fruit are deliciously sweet and contain a variety of vitamins, minerals and fibres. They are ideal as snack and source of energy for physical and mental exercise – a perfect brainfood.



Soft, softer, Nectaflor!

The best fruits are those coming directly from the tree. Almost as juicy and sweet taste our nectaflor soft fruit! Put it to the test: take a bite, close your eyes, enjoy. Even in the middle of winter it will make you feel like youre in an exotic place. Hardly surprising, since our soft fruit are produced from sun-ripened premium quality dried fruit. The sophisticated and gentle finishing methods provide extra-soft bite and full taste. We promise!


Nectaflor kernels and nuts - an absolute delight!

Our nuts and kernels provide vitamins and energy, contain valuable trace elements and minerals and have a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids. We use only nuts and kernels of selected premium quality from the best growing regions around the globe.



Bake to your heart's desire

that's what the nectaflor backing range promises! Spoil your loved ones over and over again with fine, homemade sweets, be it for coffee, as dessert or just in between.




Nectaflor snacks: hand on it!

The appetite comes with eating - preferably with an aperitif. Provided one indulges in snacks that are more than just crisps. Nectaflor snacks are the ideal companion to start a culinary evening. They taste wonderful, and they contain essential and healthy fats. Not to mention the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. With all these characteristics, these appetisers are really nutritious food.


Salad-Mixers - give your salads a special touch!

Salad-Mixers by nectaflor is giving ordinary salads a special touch.