Cultivation areas




The cultivation of aromatic herbs

The high quality of our herbs is greatly dependent on the growing area, the cultivation method and the production technology. We ensure that the fragrant herbal gardens are situated only in especially suitable locations on sunny mountain slopes.

The aromatic organic herbs are lovingly tended and nurtured by our mountain farmers. It is only when the herbs have developed their full aroma that they are carefully harvested. The first quality controls on the fresh herbs are already carried out in the herbal garden.


Cultivation areas

The Alpine region benefits from a mineral-rich soil.

In the mountains, the sunshine is more intense and concentrated on the soil than in the valleys, because the sun’s rays strike the slopes at a right angle.

The herbs planted in the mountains grow more slowly than those in the lowlands, enabling and promoting the development of more intense aromas.

All these factors make it possible to grow herbs of this incomparable quality. The colour and taste of these plants reflect the unique environment of this wonderful mountain world.